From traditional painter to concept artist

Hi, in this post i will discribe my journey from watercolor paintign to digital art.

Everything beagn when I was 28 years old man. I had finished technical studies (Physics) and had first job as a softwere tester. I have decided to follow my most importand dream : became an artist. I have started profesional courses of drawing. After two years i have discovered watercolor painting.

A Picture above was painted after 10 years of intensive practicing. I haven’t succeed comercialy. I have started to search goal for my further self development. Hopefully i got an idea of founding watercolor school which led my to start my own company. In this time i have started to practice concept art and digital painting.

It turned out that this stage of development was not so steep. I realized that watercolor teached me a lot of lighting:

And colour perception:

My spontanous and fast painting style was very helpful to creating interesting tumbnails for concepts:

Finally i have decide to mix my watercolors with digital techniques:

Now we are working on our first video game:

Rapid Yelp Dog – Puzzle platform game (

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